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    Ⅰ . Dodecyl dimethyl betaine (BS-12 betaine)

    Ⅱ . Chemical structural formula: C12H25-N+-(CH3)2CH2COO-

    Ⅲ . Properties: colorless or slight yellow transparent liquid; slight pungent, soft performance, exquisite and stable foam; used to adjust the viscosity and sterilize, strengthen the softness of the hair and the skin.

    Ⅳ . Quality standards:

    Appearance (25℃)
    Colorless or slight yellow liquid
    Active ingredient content(%)
    30±1 ; 45±1
    Sodium chloride (%)
    PH (1% aqueous solution)

    Ⅴ Uses: because of little pungent, mainly used for collocating abstersion products for babies, shampoo, solvent, facial cleansing cream, also used as detergent, modifier, moistening agent, bactericide and thickening agent, anti-static agent and etc.

    Ⅵ . Package and storage: Net weight 50kg/180kg/200kg/plastic drum; or packed according to client's request; store in cool, dry and ventilating places.


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