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    Shandong Fusite Oil Technology Co., Ltd is engaged in the r&d , production of organic amine and surface active agent and trade as one ofthe modern large-scale high-tech chemical enterprise.
    Company organic amine production design capacity of 150,000 tons, the products are widely used in daily-use chemicals oil industry construction,paper plastic processing, textile printing and dyeing and other fields.

    We have an experienced production and scientific research team, first-class quality management system, has become the major suppliers of industrial organic amine products both at home and abroad, exported to southeast Asia, Europe and other countries.


    Headquarters: Economic Development Zone, Hi-Tech Industrial Park,Boxing County,Shandong Province
    Tel: +86-543-2261988 Fax: +86-543-2261988
    E-mail: sales@sinofusite.com
    International trade: Building 1, Digital Technology Center, Haier Road 63,Laoshan District , Qingdao.
    Tel: +86-532-80971617 Fax: +86-532-80971699
    E-mail: export@sinofusite.com
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